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Updated: Aug 9, 2022

First launched in 2016, TikTok is a short-format video app that is based in China. TikTok often does not require an introduction as it has quite a large user base, spanning 150+ markets. This makes it a lucrative platform for marketing goals, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. TikTok might have a childish personality in the minds of many, but this is a false notion.

The benefits of TikTok to businesses are plenty, and many marketers have leveraged this to a high potential. Today, the app has grown from having a teen user base to hosting adults, brands and businesses as well. TikTok offers marketers a space to experiment with influencers from different backgrounds, making it an interesting platform for branding.

In this article, we will talk about the role of influencers in brand marketing on TikTok. Keep reading!

Influencers on TikTok

TikTok has provided many influencers with several opportunities to grow their reach and connect with more people. One of the reasons why TikTok enhances influencers’ popularity is that it connects TikTok profiles with Youtube accounts. This makes it easy to redirect an influencer’s TikTok audience to their Youtube channels.

TikTok’s algorithm is designed such that an influencer’s videos can reach someone who does not even follow them. It is based on an unconnected model due to which even thirty minutes of scrolling can provide a user with an infinite range of content. The bite-sized nature of the content on TikTok also makes it easier for the user to consume, so even a thirty-second video can make someone famous if the content is interesting.

Brand Marketing in TikTok

Smart marketing professionals utilize this power wielded by influencers to promote their brands on TikTok. Here are some benefits of TikTok to business.

#1 Very high organic reach

TikTok is a comfortable space for creators to put up content consistently, and as mentioned, the audience base of influencers can grow rapidly here. Businesses can leverage this to collaborate with influencers to promote their brand identity with the content of good quality. Doing so also helps build trust and an authentic connection with your target audience.

#2 Go viral very quickly, and at a low-cost

The TikTok app’s algorithm helps creators reach the audience target in TikTok influencer marketing at a rapid rate. Influencer marketing is also a budget-friendly option. If you invest half of your advertising budget on TikTok creators, you can generate far better leads.

#3 It’s a space to experiment

TikTok allows marketers to find influencers who will help their brand reach its niche target audience. Good quality content spreads fast on TikTok, and similarly, bad content can also get forgotten amongst all the content getting pushed through the app. So you can fearlessly play around with the statistics and experiment with different influencers and niches to find out what kind of campaign fits you best.


Unlike Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is a space for brands to become very popular very quickly. But you will need to find the right influencer who can inspire your audience target in TikTok influencer marketing. If done the right way, TikTok can offer your business many potential customers.

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What role does culture play when it comes to marketing on a global scale? Keep reading this article to find out.

Cultural Environment in International Marketing

When it comes to international marketing strategies, it is crucial to keep a thorough knowledge of the culture of the geographical spaces that you will be foraying into as a marketer. People’s beliefs, the social structure, their lifestyle – everything shapes the kind of marketing culture that will thrive in a particular society. This applies to marketing within the domestic space as well as coming up with international marketing strategies.

In this article, we have listed some of the elements of the cultural environment that can affect the way marketing works on a global level. Keep reading to find out more.

Cultural factors that influence marketing

Marketers follow different theories regarding the importance of culture in marketing, including Hofstede’s cultural dimensions.

Here are some of the crucial cultural elements that influence international marketing strategy.

#1 Language

The world speaks over seven thousand languages, as per documentation. In a country like the USA, where everyone speaks or understands English, it is easy to market your product in English. However, most Asian countries have fewer people who understand English. Moreover, these regions have a diverse set of languages as well. Tackling the language barrier is a difficult task that marketers will have to undertake in this regard.

#2 Tech-literacy

The kind of marketing approach you take also depends on the level of technology that your target audience has access to. In first-world countries like Canada and Australia, all the citizens have a good knowledge of and access to high-level technology. However, third-world regions might not use similar levels of technology, as they’re currently the next billion users. This creates a divide in the marketing culture across countries.

#3 Religious beliefs and rituals

Yet another important point to keep in mind, religion vastly shapes the culture of a country. It determines the beliefs of people and consumer culture as well. If the way you market your product in a different country disrespects the religious beliefs of its communities, it's highly likely that your international marketing strategy might backfire. Popular religious laws include Halal rules for followers of Islam and Kosher law for the Jewish. Keeping track of religious festivals and holidays can help your marketing strategy, including increasing sales during the holiday season.

If you incorporate religious sentiments in the right way and execute your plan, you can use it to your international marketing advantage and boost your products.

#4 Ethics and moral values

A community's moral and cultural values can influence consumer behavior in many ways. If the brand persona of your product does not align with the values of your target audience, it will be challenging to market it. For example, beef products are difficult to be accepted in India as it is customary for many Hindus to not eat beef.


The marketing culture you plan to go with when creating an international marketing strategy requires layered approaches. Understanding the importance of culture in marketing and the role of the cultural environment in international marketing are surely things every marketer needs to be aware of.

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Stuffing a blog post with a bunch of keywords won’t help you rank. Instead, it might shadowban your site. Beyond the smart placement of keywords, a good content strategy for SEO is vital. Search engine crawlers should find content others want to see while indexing your pages.

Why is content important in SEO?

The reasons why you should have great content in SEO:

Content For SEO

You need high-quality content so you can place keywords in the structure without spamming. Content spans blog posts, white papers, podcasts, YouTube videos, and so much more.

Similar to how you can incorporate SEO in written content, you can make your video richer in SEO by placing keywords in the title, description, and even as subtitles in the video.

For written SEO content, you need:

  • High readability.

  • Proper H1, H2, and H3 formatting.

  • Consistency in tone.

  • Proper internal and external linking.

  • Lengthy posts with frequent paragraph breaks.

  • Decent keyword sprinkling.

  • Actual solid information.

Strictly speaking, SEO can’t exist without content.

Improves User Experience

A part of a good content strategy for SEO is taking care of meta tags and descriptions, optimizing the files, forming a good structure for easy navigation, etc.

The final part of improving the user experience is providing information that will make the user’s visit to the site worth it. Make content that will make them explore more until they buy your product or service.

Generates Backlinks

Backlinks are ping-backs from high-domain authority websites. For example, the website might link a blog post, video, or product you have on your website to their posts. This will only happen when the handler of the website feels the content on your site is worth citing.

When you have high-quality backlinks, Google believes your website has credibility. Thus your search engine rank will rise, and so will your domain authority.

High CTR

When you have high-quality content, people who come across it even accidentally might want to share it. As a result, more and more people will click on the link. As your click-through rate increases, so does your chances of ranking higher on search engines, which in turn sky-rockets your CTR.

High Conversion Rate

If you have the exact information your target audience is searching for in your content, we can call it high-quality content.

Google might feature your content as a snippet on the search page. Then, as your information is the first to show up, people will click on the link. This improves website conversion as they go through your website and end up buying your product.

But all this said, high-quality SEO content doesn’t always guarantee victory.

The major con of content strategy in SEO is that you can play all your cards right and still not have a ballpark figure for when your website will rank or if it ever will.

Final Thoughts

While there are advantages and disadvantages of great content in SEO, relying on branding agencies with a good track record usually yields results. Agencies such as GoYou Branding have tried and tested methods that almost always work.

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