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marketing company.


What's your brand strategy?

GOYOU  is branding and marketing company

specializing in global expansion, brand identity, digital marketing, and community building. We are driven by a zeal to bring out the best in our clients and ourselves.
GOYOU welcomes you to have a unique, memorable experience with us.



Who we are

goyoubranding website (1).png
Goyou branding (1).png

Boosting confidence by helping the clients understand online digital marketing properly, including discovering potential.

To help the business through efficient online marketing by setting proper marketing channels and developing strategies suitable for different demographics and industries.

Goyou branding (1).png
Goyou branding (1).png
Goyou branding (1).png

Helping you to express your business online professionally.

Realistic and practical marketing strategies help you to get better results.

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Business owners understand their industries and audiences.

We understand proper marketing strategies.

Together we can reach your goal with your budget in mind.

Partners & Clients

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Let's have a coffee and see how we can create something amazing.

We got what it takes and we are ambitious! Our goal is to consistently deliver stirring work to our clients.

About us

Carlos M.

We came to GOYOU Branding in search of a content strategy, CMS validation, and website redesign that would bring clarity to our messaging, reduce bounce rates, improve engagement, and increase time spent on our website. We were thrilled to create a website built to tell the next chapter of this exceptional story. GOYOU started by sorting through a massive body of website content. To determine which information to keep, we challenged each piece to earn its keep. Content needed to be concise, written for the digital platform, bring personal and inspiring stories to life. GOYOU emerged with clearly delineated content focuses informed by persona-based user journey maps. These selections were made based on the principle that certain types of content would build confidence with specific segments. With the launch of this revitalized website in January 2021, it kicks off a new chapter in its story. Remarkable improvements to structure and navigation set this site up for improved engagement, reduced bounce rates, and increased more site visitors.


James A.

I asked a consultant from GOYOU for an assessment and feedback for online marketing regarding our business and I also asked other marketing companies to do the same thing. The other marketing companies were not able to accurately understand our goals. Our field is very small number in Korea, but Korean marketing companies that only target Naver marketing couldn't help us.
But GOYOU was different. During the consultation, they understood exactly what I wanted and gave us a solution that fit our needs. In the case of our company, they suggested setting up ways to develop ourselves, such as blog posting, and working hard to gain an upper hand in Google within a short time over competitors through active SEO optimization work, Google analysis, keyword research, etc. Despite the time difference between Canada and Korea, I always received immediate communication. Even now, after the service period has ended, I was deeply impressed by GOYOU's sincere concern and care for the customer's business, including post-feedback. So I asked GOYOU to work on online marketing without asking or considering other businesses. I'm not near you, but I'm satisfied with working with you more than anyone else. If there's anything I need help with, my answer is you.


Muhammad J.

Our brand wanted to stay on the cusp of the digital curve. This meant launching a new strategy that would catalyze our transformation into an eCommerce leader. GOYOU Branding is full of talented professionals and have a go-getter attitude, they are exactly the kind of SEO agency we were looking to collaborate with.

GOYOU helped us make some crucial changes to our SEO strategies. As a result of which, we have been able to maintain the top position for many of the high volume keywords and were able to improve the ranking on many other traffic-driving keywords. GOYOU unified the UX into one visually rich, intuitive, and seamless interface. We introduced new selection features to give customers a fast and easy way to make decisions. Visual components were created to ensure that the website delivered a consistent CX and created a connected narrative. If I have to sum up my review in one line, then I would say, GOYOU Branding is a team with committed people that deliver real results and we are happy to be associated with them.

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