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Updated: Jul 18, 2022

It is true that businesses can’t survive without digital marketing these days. You especially need digital marketing for start-up businesses. So let’s take a look at how digital marketing can help your business.

5 Reasons Digital Marketing Is Important For Business

Increase Reach

88.5% of Canadians use their mobile devices to access the internet. This is the target market you could influence into buying your products if you invest in digital marketing. You can use Email, texts, social media posts, and all these aspects of digital marketing to reach over 80% of the Canadian population.

Establish Authority

A start-up business doesn’t have a strong history. There is nothing beyond your unrecognizable company logo. People aren’t going to buy products or services from you if they can’t trust you. Digital marketing helps you establish authority in the market. Even the most unknown brands can gather many customers with the right digital marketing strategies.

Low Cost With Flexibility

Banner ads, YouTube ads, etc., are all part of digital marketing. Almost all marketing strategies you apply on the internet can be grouped under digital marketing. It offers a lot of flexibility for you to try different methods to reach out to a new audience. More importantly, you can test these methods at a low cost without losing a massive amount of your business capital.

It is certainly cheaper than commercial ads on television.

Direct Interaction

One of the biggest digital marketing advantages and disadvantages is you can consider direct interaction on both sides. For example, through digital marketing, you can reply to messages, emails, texts, and replies on social media posts from customers.

You have a direct channel for conversing with them. You can get their feedback on their likes and dislikes of your product. Furthermore, you can assure them how you will incorporate changes according to their complaints.

The disadvantage lies in the fastness of the communication process. It can lead to misspeaking and misunderstanding. This is where you hire social media managers such as GoYou Branding to ensure nothing untoward is sent.


How do you know what to consider in digital marketing among the plethora of strategies? Well, you try and test a method first. Then, you inspect statistic reports, target demographic reaction, successful customer conversion, and so on.

Digital marketing is a great way to see which product is working, what leads to a purchase, and which ad gains the attention of new potential customers. Then, you can identify the mistakes and make changes. Similarly, you can understand which methods are a hit and double down on them.

Final Thoughts

If you can’t figure out how to begin your digital marketing journey for your start-up, now is a good time to get a cup of coffee with GoYou Branding. Their portfolio ranges from photoshoots for Instagram reach through influencers to web design and rebranding. Your business with them will also involve learning tips and tricks of digital marketing so you can take care of your business on your own in the future.

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Are you considering taking your business beyond Canada? The global expansion reasons are almost always the opportunity for more net profit. However, you have to consider the pitfalls, too, along with the benefits of international expansion to business.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages Of Global Expansion

Enter A New Market

It’s possible your business has reached the end of how much it can grow inside Canada. The logical thing to do is try and see if your product is required in a new market. You can begin with a new region, find a new customer base and slowly make your way to other regions. After all, that’s how most big corporations are made.

Win The Race

Look into regions where your competitors haven’t stepped foot. Expanding in areas where your products are in demand and your competitors have failed to account for them can make your brand bigger. Then, when competitors do enter the same market, you will still have a huge loyalty from your customers.

Find Local Talent

There could be people with skill sets you can’t presently find in Canada. Your global expansion strategy can help you find new, fresh talent. Specialized local talent can also help your business blend in quickly into the market.

Serve International Clients

Is there a country where you get overseas orders anyway? The expansion will make your product accessible to them. In addition, you can lower the operational costs and hire local talent who can speak the local language—this work towards building long-term loyalty even abroad.

Disadvantages of Global Expansion

Setting Up And Termination Cost

If you’re thinking about what to determine before global expansion, the first thing is set up and termination costs.

How much money will you spend to set up offices and factories and hire employees? If you were to close the branch, how much would the potential cost be with severance pay and such?

Different countries have different laws, which you have to factor in. You will need accountants and international lawyers. You are looking to spend lots of money before you can begin earning it back, provided your expansion is successful.

Cultural Difference

There are laws that you have to comply with. In addition, there is a difference in culture and business practices you must learn about. Any employee you send overseas should have cultural training not to offend local employees and customers.

Fear Of Failure

Not every business which expands internationally succeeds. After spending so much capital, you must brace for the fact that the business might be unsuccessful. This is why you should assess the demand for your pre-existing product or create products that will go well with the culture.

Final Thoughts

If you’re expanding globally, you also need to invest in localized digital branding for these countries. Hire companies such as GoYou Branding. They have capable teams who can take care of your brand’s social media posts and websites. You should also contact them if you’re expanding to Canada.

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If you are technology savvy with a marketeer’s mind, there’s every reason why you should have a career in digital marketing in Canada. Digital marketing is shaping itself to be a booming industry all over the world. The digital marketing statistics in Canada are promising, too, with an average yearly salary of $52,408. In addition, there’s a 90% increase in internet activity in the country, which means the profession will only continue to grow.

If you need a little more convincing on why you should begin your digital marketing journey, let’s look at other benefits.

4 Reasons You Should Have A Career In Digital Marketing

Quick Employment

The thing about digital marketing is that once you know the basics, you can look for employment. You don’t need to spend years on a degree. The courses you find will range from 40 weeks to full diploma courses.

Lots of employees start from a low position in a digital marketing company, gain experience on the job and quickly make their way up.

Upward Trajectory

Though you may begin from a lower position, you can quickly make your way up as you succeed in the projects you take up. The benefit of digital marketing is that you can go from Senior Digital Marketer to Chief Marketing Officer.

Freelance Work

You don’t necessarily have to join an agency. Instead, you can become a freelance digital marketer, jumping from project to project and working from home full time if you want.

You will have plenty of short- and long-term contracts if you can show proof of your experience to your clients.

Technology and Creativity

Marketing has always been the middle ground between science and arts. Digital marketing is no different.

You will love digital marketing if you are a creative thinker with a knack for finding solutions for different situations.

There is a lot of technical side to digital marketing, and if you enjoy looking at numbers, you should feel at home here.

Good Pay

A digital marketer in Vancouver earns about CAD $63,904 annually. This is good base pay, but the opportunities to grow in digital marketing make it sweeter. The high tier gets a pay of $102K.

You can earn even more if you have an agency of your own or do freelance work. As you are free from a boss above yours, you can earn directly from your clients. The goal is to be great at your career first, and then you can relax for years to come.

Final Thoughts

Even if you aren’t planning on becoming a digital marketeer, you should learn the basics of digital marketing. If you’re going to have a business in this day and age, you need an online store, even if you have a physical one. You also need to know how to market your online store for more reach and customers. Of course, you can always hire digital marketing companies such as GoYou Branding to smooth things.

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