The Future of Social Media Marketing

With over 63% of the world’s population having access to the internet today, the use of social media has boomed like anything. Businesses have leveraged this boom to market their brands on social media. There are plenty of social media marketing trends going about around us. Often, we don’t even realize that the content we see on our screens is a marketing effort.

Social media marketing now revolves around influencer marketing, augmented reality and creating crisp, snackable content. How will it fare in the future? Keep reading to find out about our predictions for social media marketing.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Without a doubt, more and more businesses are turning towards social media for marketing their brands. Why is social media marketing so desirable?

#1 Build brand awareness

Consumers trust the products they’ve heard of and recognize over unknown brands. Social media marketing will help you become a familiar name amongst your target audience, even if they keep mindlessly scrolling through your content.

#2 Understand what your consumers need

The comments or conversations your consumers have over the content you put out on social media can give you a good idea of what they are looking for in your product. Consumer feedback is a must for any business to thrive and this is a sure-shot way of figuring out how to improve your product.

#3 Customer service on the go

When customer service chatbots and calls fail, people often turn to social media to get instant replies to their queries from brands. This way, you can provide your consumers with responsive customer service, giving them a positive experience.

Predictions for Social Media Marketing

What will social media marketing look like in the near future?

#1 Videos will rule

74% of consumers in the US prefer watching videos over reading text. Even while considering videos, vertical videos are becoming more of a standard format these days. With TikTok and Instagram reels becoming more popular than ever, more video content is on the way.

#2 Real-life marketing trends

Using billboards and placards to engage consumers and then popularizing their activities on social media has been an emerging trend. By doing so, brands are directly able to involve their consumers in their marketing efforts and manage to be remembered for a long time.

#3 Creators and influencers will have to stand out

It’s true that anyone can become an influencer. But the rise in the number of influencers on social media makes us wonder if everyone is becoming an influencer. In that case, creators will have to put out content that makes them stand apart and really push themselves to put some unique content on our plates.


It is no doubt that social media is a budget-friendly and effective option to promote your business. With social media marketing trends evolving rapidly, keeping track of it consistently and growing your reach sounds difficult. But once done right, it’s going to be very rewarding for your brand.

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Have you ever wondered how Amazon, which started as a bookseller in 1994 in the USA, is today among the highest profiting brands around the world? The answer is simple – they picked out the right global branding strategies. By positioning its brand as an enabler for simplifying online transactions for consumers, Amazon was able to appeal to the global audience.

As you scale your marketing strategies, you will realize the benefits of global branding as well as how to go about it. In this article, we will talk about global branding importance so that you can no longer be daunted by the idea of taking your product to the global space.

Reasons To Go Global On Branding

For newly established brands still finding their local consumer base, it might not be a good idea to go global right away. Coming up with global branding strategies and executing them is neither easy nor cheap. If you’ve achieved all your targets in the local market, global branding might be your next best strategy.

Obviously, the major motivation to do this would be to expand the business, but we’d recommend that you go global if you wish to offer something unique and useful to the international market. Global branding values and strategies can increase your customer base if you do it right and if you have the resources to do it right. So, if you have the economic, technical, and human resources for global branding, we’d say go for it.

Benefits Of Global Branding

If you think your brand is ready to go global, you might want to take a look at these advantages of global branding strategies.

#1 Find new opportunities

Every market has a different consumer culture. Your product might fare better in some places than others if it satisfies the different needs of the consumers. Uber became a popular name across the world because it brought about a much-needed change in the way public transport works.

#2 Get a competitive advantage

Global brands have more brand value and can wield more influence compared to local brands. This is due to their brand perception as they are more desirable. They represent a status of good quality and create a strong identity based on their popularity among consumers. This gives them an edge over local brands.

#3 Increased revenue

As your brand expands to larger bases, there is room for greater returns on investment. Global brands create campaigns targeted at the global audience as a whole, so their marketing investments might not be as high as you think. On the flip side, doing targeted marketing and branding activities can also generate high revenue. In short, it’s a win-win on both sides.


Initial investment costs for global branding might be high, and it will be difficult to execute your strategies if you don’t have a thorough knowledge of your consumer base and their culture. Achieving high targets is also a long process in most cases, so you will have to remain patient as a marketer. However, once you crack the strategy, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of global branding for a long time.

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Updated: Aug 9

First launched in 2016, TikTok is a short-format video app that is based in China. TikTok often does not require an introduction as it has quite a large user base, spanning 150+ markets. This makes it a lucrative platform for marketing goals, especially when it comes to influencer marketing. TikTok might have a childish personality in the minds of many, but this is a false notion.

The benefits of TikTok to businesses are plenty, and many marketers have leveraged this to a high potential. Today, the app has grown from having a teen user base to hosting adults, brands and businesses as well. TikTok offers marketers a space to experiment with influencers from different backgrounds, making it an interesting platform for branding.

In this article, we will talk about the role of influencers in brand marketing on TikTok. Keep reading!

Influencers on TikTok

TikTok has provided many influencers with several opportunities to grow their reach and connect with more people. One of the reasons why TikTok enhances influencers’ popularity is that it connects TikTok profiles with Youtube accounts. This makes it easy to redirect an influencer’s TikTok audience to their Youtube channels.

TikTok’s algorithm is designed such that an influencer’s videos can reach someone who does not even follow them. It is based on an unconnected model due to which even thirty minutes of scrolling can provide a user with an infinite range of content. The bite-sized nature of the content on TikTok also makes it easier for the user to consume, so even a thirty-second video can make someone famous if the content is interesting.

Brand Marketing in TikTok

Smart marketing professionals utilize this power wielded by influencers to promote their brands on TikTok. Here are some benefits of TikTok to business.

#1 Very high organic reach

TikTok is a comfortable space for creators to put up content consistently, and as mentioned, the audience base of influencers can grow rapidly here. Businesses can leverage this to collaborate with influencers to promote their brand identity with the content of good quality. Doing so also helps build trust and an authentic connection with your target audience.

#2 Go viral very quickly, and at a low-cost

The TikTok app’s algorithm helps creators reach the audience target in TikTok influencer marketing at a rapid rate. Influencer marketing is also a budget-friendly option. If you invest half of your advertising budget on TikTok creators, you can generate far better leads.

#3 It’s a space to experiment

TikTok allows marketers to find influencers who will help their brand reach its niche target audience. Good quality content spreads fast on TikTok, and similarly, bad content can also get forgotten amongst all the content getting pushed through the app. So you can fearlessly play around with the statistics and experiment with different influencers and niches to find out what kind of campaign fits you best.


Unlike Instagram and Facebook, TikTok is a space for brands to become very popular very quickly. But you will need to find the right influencer who can inspire your audience target in TikTok influencer marketing. If done the right way, TikTok can offer your business many potential customers.

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