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Why Your Online Business Can’t Survive Without SEO

Updated: May 31, 2022

You can’t build a website for your business and neglect Search Engine Optimization. Even if you already have a loyal line of customers who would visit your website with plenty of shares on social media to make the website popular, ignoring SEO marketing would be a key mistake. The initial hubbub isn’t going to last forever, nor is it going to bring you new ones.

So, whether you are a small or big online business, you need to hire an SEO agency or learn the tricks yourself. One thing is for sure; your business can’t reach its full potential without SEO.

Why You Need SEO For Your Business

Organic Search Drives The Majority Of Website Traffic

8.5 billion daily searches are conducted worldwide on Google. While Google overpowers all search engines, the niche market still finds some uses in Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

Yet, Google’s apparent dominance in market share naturally makes it the center of focus. The second biggest search engine happens to be YouTube, which also belongs to Google, and the largest global email provide is also said company.

So, SEO business formulates its content around Google, hoping to rank one on organic searches. As a result, you’re likely to reach triple the number of people through organic search rank than social media. Not to mention social media relies on SEO these days too.

Understanding Customer Intent

SEO analysis gives us a clear indication of what your target customer seeks. Their search intent shows us the product or service they require. This allows you to create items tailored to their need.

Builds Trust And Credibility

Isn’t that the goal of any business? To have your customer trust your product or service enough that they buy every item you put out without question?

Anything that ranks on Google’s first-page gains the trust of the browser. Only, this authority is hard to build, and you need to follow the E-A-T guidelines by Google to achieve it.

Better User Experience

Google isn’t just looking at the informational value you provide to determine your ranking anymore. Instead, it considers how comfortable your website is to browse on the web and mobile. As a result, your SEO audit score turns up well, which means the customer user experience is also good. A customer that feels your website is easy to browse is sure to return.

It’s Inexpensive

While hiring an SEO analyst might cost you some, it’s still inexpensive compared to advertising. Not to mention the ROI far outweighs the investment.

Local SEO

SEO allows you to target your customers at a personal and local level. You can gain people’s attention in specific regions, gain backlinks from particular places, and list your business locally to show up in searches.

SEO Is Here To Stay

As long as the digital world exists, so will SEO. It’s an effective system built by tech companies, and it’s not going to disappear any time soon. So isn’t it better to make the best use of it instead of ignoring all the benefits you can reap from it? There’s no loss to be had by focusing on it, but vice versa is true.

Final Thoughts

SEO requires attention to detail, a marketeer’s mindset, and an affinity for research. However, even understanding what it is might not equip you to conduct it. That’s where marketing and branding companies such as GoYou Branding can provide a solution. After all, you ended up here through SEO, did you not?


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