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The Benefits Of Google Analytics and Google Advertising For Online Businesses

How do you know when your website is doing well? Sure, the comments and shares on the blog posts are a good indicator. However, if your product or service is regularly selling, it’s assuring to know you’re stable enough to stay afloat.

Will this continue, though? Are you sure your website is performing at maximum capacity? According to Google Analytics Academy, you can have solid proof and a plan to keep your website and business alive.

Once you figure out how to interpret the analytics, it’s a matter of repeating what’s working. Except, not everyone knows how to read those graphs or use Google Advertising when organic ranking methods fail them. You could learn or employ experts such as GOYOU Branding to take care of it for you.

The Benefits Of Google Analytics

When search engine crawlers decide your website isn’t providing value, you will lose website traffic and face a dip in sales. Analytics gives you a clear idea of how to prevent this outcome.

And while there is plenty of paid analytics software, why use any of them when Google’s own exists? It’s free, as are the courses provided by the company, such as Google Analytics for Beginners and Advanced Google Analytics.

The Google Analytics benefits far outweigh that of any other software. These include:

  • Letting you create goals for your business and track how close you’re to achieving them.

  • Shows statistics for highly viewed blog posts so you can tweak them to keep the traffic oncoming. Gives you ideas for similar posts through performance reports.

  • Let's you know which social media site is driving the majority of your traffic to focus on it.

  • Provides information on audience demographic, device, and location.

  • Points out what’s causing the bounce rate on your website so you can correct the mistakes.

  • Internal user search report to know why your website is attractive to the customers.

  • Easy integration with other tools such as Google Adwords, allows you to keep track of Google advertising campaigns.

Benefits Of Google Advertisement

Unlike the free benefits of Google Analytics, Google advertising costs can be hefty. Yet, the Google advertising revenue is well worth it, provided you craft the correct ad copy to get the customers interested. Furthermore, once customers reach your website, a good portion of them is likely to stay and make a purchase, thus making up for the initial cost.

This is why website owners still use Google’s advertising agency- Adwords. The benefits are too hard to ignore. It includes:

  • Bypass the restrictions of SEO and rank on any keywords you please.

  • Four billion users of Google by 2019 statistics make for a vast pool to target.

  • Targets people who’re looking for your product or service, unlike social media, where it can be random users.

  • Start and end campaigns without any grandeur.

  • Low cost on keywords along with a budget limit, so you don’t go over it.

  • Google Analytics will show you the result with easy-to-read reports.

Final Thoughts

Comprehending Google Analytics reports or running a successful ad campaign isn’t easy, despite the training provided by Google. If you find yourself still at a loss after taking the courses or struggling with the perfect creative ad copy, GoYou Branding is here to help.

We promise you the revenue will tide our payment over. So, for any confusion, have a cup of coffee with us, and let’s sit down to discuss the prospects.


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