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How Website Builders Help With Website Creation For Businesses

How Website Builders Helps With Website Creation For Businesses
How Website Builders Helps With Website Creation For Businesses

It’s unwise to run a business in the digital age without a website. Relying on Facebook and Instagram pages while not having a website of your own diminishes your credibility in your target audience’s eyes. It’s also a vital tool in building your organization’s brand, a way to reach new customers, and sell products without cutting the profit to a third party.

To build a website, you can either use a website builder or avail of website creation services such as GOYOU Branding. If you decide to do it on your own, Wix, Squarespace, etc., are making constant upgrades to simplify the process as much as possible.

How Website Builders Are Useful For Website Creation

Back in the day, creating a website would mean having intimate knowledge of FTP, HTML, and a bunch of other technical know-how. While it’s still better to let a website creation agency take care of the process, it’s no longer necessary. However, a faster, better customized, and programmed website is a given if you let an agency be in charge.

Still, website creation software such as WordPress provides many professional options now. For example, instead of relying on Spotify to host your music, you can create your website where people subscribe to the membership through these services.

Registering A Domain

The first step of building a website is to purchase an address. Depending on the hosting service, the domain might come free, but the web hosting would cost you. Some allow you to use the domain belonging to the website building service, such as

If you are willing to pay or go along with hosting plus domain combinations, you can have a web address entirely your own. Usually, the last part of the address would be .com or .org and so on. For localization, the previous part can be the code of the country, such as .ca for Canada.

Website Builder

The most popular website builders happen to be Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace. However, there are equally famous if lesser-used ones like GoDaddy,, and Hubspot.

These builders cost $25 per month in most cases. You can use free website builders too, but they restrict your facilities by a lot. In addition, the storage and bandwidth option can be widely different, so you have to carefully read through the details before you settle on a free one. Among the free ones, Wix appears to have the most generous attitude.

Choose A Template

Once you find the perfect website builder for your website, you will receive a range of website templates to choose from. These templates are based on various professions, such as musicians and photographers.

Depending on the template, the color scheme can be dark or light, have large or small fonts, etc. As this is just a baseline, you can adjust and change it as much as you want. Your template might have pages as part of the setup, or you can add new ones. You will get your selection of widgets if you add a map, contact form, etc.

Some site builders don’t allow you to move widgets from a particular place, while others give you complete freedom.

It is a matter of playing with the themes, menu, header, fonts, plugins, and tools.

Even if you’re particularly bad with technology, you should be able to make some progress. Some website builders also have forums dedicated to discussion on website building, videos, and FAQs to make it as easy for you as possible.

Final Thoughts

Website builders are god-sent for first-time website owners. However, some of us are entirely unprepared for technology, and all the streamlined software in the world can’t help us with it. A website creation agency can run your website, but there are many willing to teach you the tricks while collaborating with you. So if you want a service like that, then come have a chat with us!


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