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What Are The Types Of Content Creation?

As a digital content creator, your marketing strategy involves several factors. First, you have to consider the type of content you are producing and where you will be updating said content. The platform determines how you will market your content.

Let’s take a look at the different types of content creation and how they change depending on the goal.

Social Media Content Creation

Any good digital content specialist will attest that the goal of social media content creation is to go viral. Therefore, the bigger audience you can reach with your branding video, the bigger the conversion rate.

Yet, the lifespan of a social media post is decidedly short. For sites like Instagram, it’s a wonder if a picture post is circulated for more than three days. Short-form videos have a longer lifespan, but they still tend to wither away quickly.

So, when someone says you have to create attention-grabbing online content, you honestly do. You also get mere seconds dedicated to your post, between which the target audience decides if they want to pay a closer look or scroll past.

Social media sites are more visual-based, with only sites like Twitter providing more emphasis on words instead. As a result, you have to be generous and methodical with your hashtag use. Some sites have begun incorporating SEO functions, too.

For branding, social media content acts as a promotion tool on the best of days. Your customers may learn about your website, a new product, or a book launch when they stumble upon your page.

SEO Content Creation

SEO content creation is almost always centred around websites, regular news blogs, or eCommerce. We create blog posts, articles, infographics, and videos where a couple of keywords are sprinkled generously.

And you have to dedicate a massive amount of research to these keywords. The algorithm won’t just rank any post with the keywords. The search engine crawlers will consider the location, keyword density, quality of the post, and a couple of other things before your post shows up on the first page of search engine pages. This is merely a B2C sales situation.

For B2B content, SEO optimization has to be based on the buyer’s intent and the information they are looking for. Your content should set you apart from your competitors in this case.

Proper headings, image captions, and alternative tags also help in that quest.

Landing Page Content Creation

While this still falls under SEO content creation, landing page content is different from blog post content in the sense this is the page a potential buyer surveys. After they reach your page through a search or from a social media post, the landing page determines if they are going to stay and check your product or service.

For example, when you go to GoYou Branding’s landing page, you get a clear idea of our service and courses. You know you can rely on us to take over your business’s branding, content planning, and online promotion strategy. You know what our mission statement is, as do you have a clear picture of where to check our portfolio and client testimonials.

The landing page content is about creating SEO content emphasizing images and videos. You provide clear instructors and ease of access to your customers so they can buy a product or have a chat about a service.

Final Thoughts

While there are several types of content, the primary purposes can be categorized into three, as shown here. If you need help with any branch of this, GoYou Branding is happy to provide our services. Please fill out the contact form to discuss your branding prospects with us.


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