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The Top 20 Most Influential Branding Coaches In 2022

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

The business world is highly competitive, making it difficult for brands to navigate through it. After all, many processes and strategies are involved, which can be challenging, especially for a new brand. This is where branding coaches can be a godsend for your company. Branding coaches tend to be experienced and skilled in guiding companies to become successful brands. This can be anything from designing the logo to developing complex marketing strategies. As a result, you will be able to establish an excellent brand strategy which can lead to success in the long term. Since branding coaches are so crucial, you will want to deal with only the best and most influential ones. Therefore, we have prepared a list of the top 20 most influential branding coaches in 2022. Let's dive in.

Suzanne Chadwick

Suzanne Chadwick is a branding coach for small businesses, podcaster and in-demand speakers that helps ambitious women fulfill their business goals. She focuses on ensuring that the companies these female entrepreneurs come up with are also in line with their lifestyles. As a result, she is one of the most influential business coaches for ambitious and savvy women. She has also created a community of women supporting other women allowing them to be financially empowered and positively impact the world. This is the case whether you join her Brand Bold Business Academy, the Amplify Accelerator or her Bold Speakers Collective. She has even supported charities that help women and girls with less opportunity and access to fulfill their potential.

Travis Brady

Travis Brady is a branding expert, transformation coach and leadership speaker who is the creator of the Next Gen Coaching company. He created this company to help businesses build a unique and innovative brand identity through story building. He has over 16 years of experience with branding, businesses, leadership and influencing and use this experience to help business owners with their brands. He firmly believes that the whole point of companies is to create money, enabling you to make your brand profitable. You can start with his podcast 'Next Gen Coaching Chronicles' and find various free business-building resources on his website. You can also schedule a free strategy session.

Diya Asrani

Diya Asrani is a personal branding coach, entrepreneur and author who founded the brand Design Your Presence. This program is designed to help industry professionals like entrepreneurs and coaches to create their own personal brand presence successfully. This is primarily through innovative marketing, brand storytelling and building their reputation. She has over a decade of experience in the industry. This has allowed her to assist many people in fulfilling their marketing goals. She was featured in notable publications like Disrupt magazine and Deccan Chronicle. She even authored the book 'Design Your Personal Brand Presence' which walks people through the entire process. You can get a membership in the Design Your Presence program.

Marina Simone

Marina Simone is the founder of 'Moms and Heels', a brand coaching program that aims to teach ambitious women how to brand themselves, build a team and balance their lives. Her team of brand coaches refer to themselves as Heelers. You can receive private or group coaching from her to help launch your network marketing business. This includes helping you create a solid social media profile, building your brand and converting likes and other metrics into sales. She also provides free and paid courses that teach you various skills in building your brand, such as improving your Facebook business profile.

Azalee Maslow

Azalee Maslow is a personal branding coach, speaker and the founder of the philanthropic lifestyle blog, PrettyAF. She has extensive experience in media, digital marketing and personal branding. In particular, she helps empower female entrepreneurs and help them reach their brand and business goals. There are various free resources for building your brand available on her website, and you can also book 1:1 mentorship opportunities with her. Additionally, there is her PrettyAF Powerhouses program, where you can get a membership that allows you to get marketing training resources, discounts, virtual sessions, various opportunities, and so much more. Additionally, she even works as a speaker, where she helps inspire audiences.

Kat Elizabeth

Kat Elizabeth is a personal brand strategist and the founder of Magnetic Brand Co., a brand that helps people fulfill their potential through personal branding. She has also established a framework known as the Magnetic Brand blueprint to teach her clients how to establish their brand while helping them deal with any fears and challenges. She has hundreds of students and clients and has 40k podcast downloads and 1M YouTube views. You can find various resources on her website that can aid your branding journey, including courses and strategies.

Hannah Power

Hannah Power is a personal branding coach, author, TEDx and keynote speaker that helps people launch their brands and become their best versions. She has had extensive personal branding experience since she was young, as her parents established the first online business network. This includes having studied top personal brands and listing their principles. She wrote the personal branding book 'The Power of You', developed various coaching programmes and established her branding agency, Powerful Leaders. She has worked with hundreds of clients from different areas of expertise, including CEOs, makeup artists and entrepreneurs. Nowadays, she provides 1:1 coaching to clients, including solopreneurs and experts. Additionally, you can find various courses and resources on her website to assist you in your branding journey.

Michelle Knight

Michelle Knight is a personal brand coach and marketing strategist who is the CEO of Brandmerry. Brandmerry is a program that supports female entrepreneurs in fulfilling their branding goals. She provides women with various tools that can assist them in uncovering their potential, which includes courses, private mentoring and group programs. This includes the Brandmerry Academy, where female entrepreneurs can access a whole trove of knowledge to help them establish a successful online business. You can obtain 1:1 support from Michelle Knight at a special premium.

Claire Bahn

Claire Bahn is a serial entrepreneur, branding coach, and CEO of the Claire Bahn Group. This marketing agency has a range of experiences in various business aspects, such as personal branding, reputation management, strategic communication and social media management. The Claire Bahn Group can help take your brand or business to the next level. Claire Bahn has over a decade of experience assisting high-profile clients, including CEOs, executives and investors. She has enabled them to build high recognition and achieve business success. Additionally, she is an influencer with over 70k followers, helping her followers and clients leverage brand growth. She also hosts the Powerful Personal Brand podcast, which helps brands become more visible and authoritative.

Michelle B. Griffin

Michelle B. Griffin is a personal branding coach, public relations strategist, podcast host and community founder. She has over 20 years of experience in PR and executive marketing, including speaking on stages, appearing on podcasts and collaborating with partners. She built an easy-to-follow 7-step blueprint that helps entrepreneurs establish their brands. The Visible Brand Authority Blueprint has helped many of her clients, including her business which was a successful case study. She even provides power hour sessions and personal brand audits for clients to help them get past obstacles in personal branding.

Carol Kaemmerer

Carol Kaemmerer is an executive branding coach, professional speaker, and author who works with executive leaders and organizations to improve their visibility and influence and engage with their right audiences through LinkedIn. After a surprise downsizing in the Fortune 500 company she served as a consultant, Carol found that her 20 years of marketing communications experience provided the perfect set-up for helping professionals build their online brand. The 2nd Edition of her award-winning book LinkedIn for the Savvy Executive was published in 2021; in 2022, she was named one of the top 6 personal branding experts by The American Reporter. See her website for access to her numerous articles, podcast appearances, book and online course.

Rebecca Ellison

Rebecca Ellison is a branding coach and strategist who helps other coaches and pros elevate their brands to obtain more profit. Her photography career enabled her to understand the value of brand building, where she had over ten years of experience. Clients can work with her on a 1:1 basis, allowing the coaches to make their brand and services more attractive. She provides services like The Brand Building Plan, where you get a custom content strategy and continue to work with her until you benefit from it. Additionally, there is the From The Brand Up group coaching weekly program that can help you build a successful marketing plan. You can also find various free resources on her website.

Anna Vatuone

Anna Vatuone is an entrepreneur, speaker and personal branding expert and coach. She has worked with various clients across multiple industries, including entrepreneurs, and executives. Her experience as a personal brand strategist has led to her being featured in notable publications like Entrepreneur and Girlboss. She has also spoken at conferences like Social Media Week and hosts industry experts on the podcast, The Personal Branding Podcast. She provides 1:1 coaching sessions, including roadmaps and clear steps for meaningful results. Variety of courses and extensive programs are available on her website. This includes the Personal Brand Accelerator, the Thought Leadership Circle and Storytelling 101.

Simone Erotokritou

Simone Erotokritou is a personal brand strategist, expert and coach with over 20 years of experience in a corporate career. Additionally, she is a guest speaker and trainer for women-focused organizations. Over the last five years, she has helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs elevate and market their brands. She works on a 1:1 basis with women entrepreneurs and delivers keynote speeches at various organizations, teaching them how to build their brands. She was named one of 'The top 20 Iconic Thought Leaders in Personal Branding' and authored the bestseller, Monetize Your Message. You can sign up for a complementary brand clarity session with her on her website.

Mary Henderson

Mary Henderson is an internationally recognized personal branding coach and digital business specialist. She specializes in helping coaches, service business owners and consultants build a successful online business so that they can establish themselves in their industry. She has extensive experience, including over 20 years of building 7 and 8-figure companies and 15 years of providing solutions to businesses of various sizes. She is the founder of the Lights Cameras Action Bootcamp, which helps business owners and coaches turn their ideas into attractive personal brands. She has appeared in various notable publications like Business and Digital Media. You can find various free resources and articles on her website that can assist you with brand building.

Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass is an industry-leading brand designer, strategist, coach, podcaster and community builder. He is also the founder of JUST Creative, an award-winning brand consultancy, design blog and community that helps people build brands strategically. This includes implementing a consistent visual design with a clear message allowing business owners to achieve their goals. He has over 17 years of experience in the industry and has worked for various notable clients, including Nintendo, Disney and Jerry Seinfeld. He has appeared in multiple notable publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. He also co-hosts the JUST Branding Podcast, which helps entrepreneurs and clients build and accelerate their brands.

Arthur Luke

Arthur Luke is a branding expert, blogger, entrepreneur and coach with over 35 years of experience. He has worked with some of the biggest brands alongside small startups, enabling them to find success. He also has vast career experience, having created his own publishing company, running his own design company and working as a creative director for the world's biggest branding agency. He helps clients turn their ideas into successful and profitable brands. You can read his blog articles on his site, and he also hosts the podcast 'Luke'.

Monique Bryan

Monique Bryan is a personal branding expert, coach and speaker who helps experienced businesses and undiscovered gems reach their full potential. In particular, she focuses on women entrepreneurs and allows them to turn their fantastic stories into a marketing strategy for personal brand growth. She has also spoken at various gigs and appeared on podcasts, including her own 'Juicy CEO Podcast.' She has also appeared in notable publications and on live television, like Entrepreneur, Elle and Global television. She provides various services, which include VIP 1:1 brand strategy sessions, business retreat programs, brand audits and multiple workshops and events. She has built up a strong following of over 15k followers.

Leonard Kim

Leonard Kim is an internationally recognized marketing influencer, digital marketer, entrepreneur and personal branding expert. He is also the managing partner at the award-winning digital marketing agency, Influence Tree. He is the co-author of the book Ditch the Act, where he writes about a seven-step brand process that helps readers build a successful brand. He has been featured in notable publications like Forbes, Fortune, Inc and Entrepreneur. He has also been recognized as a Top Marketing Influencer by Forbes and Top Personal Branding Expert by Entrepreneur. He is well known for his famous TedX talk, Why You Should Let Your Fears Guide You, which is recognized by many international publications as one of the best TED talks you can find.

Andrew Ford

Andrew Ford, also known as 'the e-ttractionist', is a business blogger, keynote speaker, published author, consultant and branding coach. His specialization is helping business owners improve their brands through digital marketing and development. He helps clients use all assets of his five-step process to benefit their brand. He is also a well-known keynote speaker in the industry, presenting to many business audiences. He also provides the Social Star University online program that helps people create their businesses. He also hosts the 'Build Your Own Business' podcast, which provides extensive knowledge and interviews people who left their jobs to run a business. He also wrote the Creating a Powerful Brand book that helps all sorts of people fulfil their brand goals.

To sum up

Creating and building your own business or brand can be complex and distressing, especially for those who are sick of their regular jobs. You can fulfill your business goals by following or working with influential branding coaches who have unlocked the secret to accelerating your brand. Each of them specializes in a specific niche and audience type, and you will be able to find one suitable for you. We hope this list proves insightful and inspires you to build your brand. Thank you for reading, and good luck!

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