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How To Use Influencer Marketing For Your Business?

Influencer marketing is the next hottest narrative for marketing. And with good reason — campaigns have shown some impressive results for brands

An Influencer marketing agency such as GOYOU Branding can show you how to take advantage of this new form of online marketing to drive traffic and trust for your business. In the meantime, you can stand to learn a little more about the subject to understand what you’re getting into.

How To Use Influencer Marketing For Business

Influencers are brands on their own. They are elevated to somewhat celebrity status, yet their following didn’t come through the traditional means such as television or radio. Instead, their following is built on the purposeful content they upload on social media, along with their charisma.

These people aren’t exactly famous. However, they have a status in the genre they produce content in and a loyal group of the following who are likely to buy products or services they endorse. It works in the same way as celebrity endorsement does; only the target audience is much more customized than what one focuses on in a television advertisement.

It is better to rely on a marketing company for a proper influencer marketing strategy. However, here’s how you can DIY it:

Research Your Influencer

First, decide on the platform you want to hire an influencer for. For example, if you sell fashion products, you should look into Youtube and Instagram influencers. You need to look into the Twitch and Discord world for a gaming business.

Depending on your budget, you can afford a celebrity-level influencer or should you opt for a micro-influencer. Your ROI from this should also be a considerable factor. If the ROI doesn’t surpass the budget spent on an influencer, the venture would be a failure.

Additionally, research the content usually posted by the influencer and see if it matches your brand tone and target audience.

The Goal Of The Campaign

Exactly why do you need an influencer marketing strategy? Whichever influencer you decide to hire, remember that they have a specific audience. Is that the audience you want to buy your products? Are you expanding into that audience pool, or is that your existing audience?

Influencers have a much more personal way of connecting with their audience. You don’t want your product plug-in to come across as unnatural, nor would the influencer. So, have a clear message and script ready for how you want the content to be. At the same time, let your influencer have a creative hold on the content.

Influencer marketing is always a collaboration between the brand and the influencer. This is not a boss-employee relationship but that of equals. The decision on the content and goal should also be made equally.

Finding Influencers

Once you have the notes on goal, ROI, and the type of influencer you want, you need to find said influencer now. You can use influencer marketing platforms, marketing agencies with an influencer base such as GoYou Branding, or an influencer analytical tool you can employ.

Track Your Results

Once you have the influencer of your dreams, you should determine the campaign's end date. In between, you can track the progress. If it works out well, you can extend the campaign or try a different method.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, influencer marketing is a lot of work. Instead of creating an influencer marketing strategy for your business, it is easier to hand it over to an agency. Not only would they make a plan, but they would also find your influencers, content goals, and content delivery.


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