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5 Reasons You Should Create A Video Marketing Strategy

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Think of the number of small businesses that have blown up in the past few months due to short viral videos on TikTok and Instagram reels. In the same way, movies will always be the most easily marketable form of media. Videos in all forms are quick to catch our attention, especially with the introduction of AR, 360-degree videos, and live streams.

As of now, at least 82% of businesses have realized the importance of video marketing strategy. If you don’t join the statistics soon, you’ll be left behind.

5 Reasons To Create A Video Marketing Strategy

Video Improves SEO

According to Moovly, you have a 53% higher chance of showing up on searches by simply having a video on your website. Because videos make customers curious enough to scroll the site for a longer period of time, it signals credibility to search engines. You don’t have to create a video of your own, but even embedding YouTube content can do the trick.

However, more power to you if you create your own. Even video content can be optimized for search since the crawlers can analyze moving images and sound. Make an interesting video with an accurate description and title. Don’t forget a CTA. Focus on YouTube because Google loves ranking its sites.

Mobile Users Love Videos

A large percentage of the video marketing audience coincides with mobile users. This brings back to the 1 billion monthly users you have on TikTok, which is entirely a video marketing platform. According to YouTube reports, mobile users rise by 100% on the platform every year.

While people are commuting or even lying on their bed, watching videos to pass time is easier. If they come across a video ad from your brand, they’re 1.4 times more likely to pay attention.

Video Converts Better

When customers come across your product videos, they have a clear picture of what you’re offering. While the descriptions you provide help, the visual aid sells it to them. One study suggests that 74% of the users who saw a video explaining a product or service ended up buying it at one point or another.

The ROI is also huge. Yes, planning, storyboarding, creating, and editing take a lot of time, but the customer reaction you get in return is triple. Open market tools have also made video editing easier. Even when the video quality is poor, it still doesn’t put off customers as long as the content is solid.

Your potential customer will likely check back later for more content.

Video Encourages Sharing

There is nothing like a good, emotionally crafted video to get the word going about your product. For a small business with 100 customers, a viral video can easily convert the customer base to 1000 in a day.

Similar to memes, people are likely to share videos they find emotional, funny, informative, or engaging in other ways. People like showing their friends and family something they thought was rad. Social shares easily generate more traffic for your site until someone’s buying your products.

Video Increase CTR for Email

Email marketing is a powerful marketing tool. The percentage you can’t target via mobile can be easily reached via email on their desktop. A classic video marketing strategy is including a video in your introductory email to your potential customers. The click-through rate is suspected to be almost 96%.

Your video marketing audience is less likely to dismiss an email if accompanied by a video that builds trust.

Final Thoughts

Small businesses can experience overnight success with the right video marketing strategy. The established one can go further and be ahead of its competitors. But, considering the number of businesses using video marketing in general, you’ll be left behind if you don’t follow. Creating videos with consistency isn’t easy, though, and that’s where you should employ branding geniuses.

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