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Why Is Mobile Marketing Important For Your Business?

Updated: May 31, 2022

One of the mobile marketing effects is reaching customers based on a specific location. However, it’s not simple SEO where people searching about a shop or service get results based on the area. In 2020, mobile accounted for 68.1% of all website visits. Mobile overwhelmingly dominates the web browsing statistics. In cases where it doesn’t, it still has a 50% share in the least. No one’s going to power on their laptop for online shopping when they can download the website from the App Store or go to the mobile version of the website on Chrome.

Mobile marketing is essential for your business because if you get it right, you have access to a new wave of customers.

Importance and Benefits of Mobile Marketing

Good for Search Ranking

Google leans more toward the result of mobile search ranking rather than desktop searches. Therefore, if you do your SEO strategy for mobile correctly, the mobile version of your website is likely to show up first on respective keywords.

Search engines also take in the user interface of a website to determine whether it should rank high or not. The mobile version of the website has to be smooth for this to work.

SMS Marketing

Similar to email marketing, SMS marketing helps you reach new customers and retain the old ones. By sending discounts and offering notifications directly to your customer's inbox, you have their instant attention during major shopping events.

For Physical Stores

Even if you own a physical shop, you can benefit from mobile marketing strategies such as saving your customer’s numbers with permission to update them on new products and discounts.

Some stores use QR codes customers can scan to get quick, relevant information without talking to anyone.

Location Specific Advertisements

We’re talking about geo-fencing. We’re never without our smartphones, and some people keep their location services on at all times. Geo-fencing allows you to send alerts and discount offers to potential customers when they enter a specific location.

Some businesses set fences around their business while others do it around their competitor’s area to one-up them. The mobile marketing effects can carry your business for a long time.

Cost-effective Social Media Advertising

When customers click on an ad from their smartphone, it costs you 24% less than it would have on a desktop. Even SMS marketing doesn’t cost you much. The advertisement campaign has to be simplistic as it’s for a small screen and has to fit in it. You can add to the point information that catches your customer’s attention.

Not to mention ads have the potential to go viral on social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. You can also create organically viral content for social media sites to drive customer engagement for your business without spending a penny.

Final Thoughts

Mobile marketing is vital for your business because of its huge reach worldwide. The right mobile marketing strategy is affordable but with a huge ROI. GoYou Branding can take care of every part of your mobile marketing campaign, from social media services to app-based marketing.

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