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The Most Used Social Media Platforms in the US and Canada 2022

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Businesses can’t survive without social media platforms. Even if your brand never posts a single content, just having a Facebook or Instagram page can be effective in building trust. However, if we look at the most used social media platform in the US/Canada statistics, Canadians and Americans have a slight variation in social media usage. For example, while there’s an overall similarity between everyone’s preferred platforms, Tumblr seems to have a way stronger base in the US and so on.

What Does It Mean for Lead Generation?

To understand the most used social media platform in the US/Canada and what it means for lead generation, we must focus on the key differences.

Mobile Preferences

Facebook and YouTube are still the most preferred platforms in both Canada and the US. However, LinkedIn is easily the third most liked social media platform in Canada, while it is in sixth place in the US. The US also seems to prefer Snapchat overwhelmingly compared to Canada.

Canada has a good 45% to 46% balance between smartphone and desktop users. In contrast, almost 91% of people use their smartphones for social media purposes in the US.

When generating leads, you have to account for how the audience prefers to interact with social media. For example, the US audience would probably respond to mobile-based content, while it would be better to target the Canadian audience through both device types.

Page Type

Canadians also have a disproportionate affection for brand or product pages. This naturally means if you are a brand, you have a higher chance for lead generation in Canada. News, media, and celebrities' pages follow behind closely. Also, decorating your brand voice in a more informative or fun way will have more effect.

The most popular messenger app in US/Canada is Messenger, which is kind of given due to the love for Facebook. So you should keep your messages open for your business page. When customers have a question, that’s where they are likely to contact you.

Regional Difference

We also note a difference in how each province in Canada interacts with social media platforms, with users varying in each region. This is also true for the 50 states in the US. These statistics can help you understand how to use the most popular social media platforms in the US/Canada to expand business globally.

Engagement Level

Even the engagement level is different for every platform. People check platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat daily much more than YouTube or Pinterest. Facebook content is also shared more often daily, while YouTube and Instagram have a similar ratio.

Understanding how many times users visit a platform or how many times they come to share or post in a day helps you determine when you should post your content.

Final Thoughts

The advantages and disadvantages of the most popular social media platforms in the US/Canada differ. If you want to target both locations, it would be better to handle the marketing to experienced branders such as GoYou branding.


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