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Social Media Marketing Strategy For Small Businesses In 2022

Social Media Marketing Strategy
Social Media Marketing Strategy

You need a solid social media marketing strategy for your business to thrive in 2022. A viral post can change the course of a business. If that isn’t possible, consistent posts and exposure to your target audience keep the company afloat at the least and a steady stream of side income anyhow.

A social media marketing agency such as GoYou Branding can help you draw up a concise plan. Meanwhile, you can do a couple of things to make it easier for them.

Form A Loose Plan

Even if your plan isn’t fleshed out, your social media manager will have a good idea of what you want to gain from this venture. Then, they can sort out what is and isn’t possible and create a concrete plan instead.

You should have realistic, achievable goals for your business through social media. This usually means:

  • Increasing brand awareness.

  • Maintaining your social media presence and reaching out to a new demographic.

  • Turning lead into sales.

  • Creating content that boosts engagement to retain customers.

  • Driving traffic to your product or service website.

Next, you should know who your target audience is. Your ideal customer is usually likely to need the service you’re selling. In the same way, for GoYou Branding, the target customers would be brands and businesses who either don’t understand the internet games or don’t have enough time to play them.

Then, it’s a matter of figuring out the social media apps this particular set of target customers is likely to use. The social media marketing agency you hire can do any further research.

Create Engaging Content

None of the planning is useful if you fail to create eye-catching content. However, as long as you know your brand identity, goals, and target audience, you should have a vague idea of the kind of content you want to post.

Whatever you do, you should stick to a theme. Brand identity is often profoundly entangled with the brand’s content. Sometimes, the tone is so consistent that you know it’s from a particular brand before checking the name. If you can light it up with humour, even better.

Memes always do well, and short videos seem to be the new trend. So while planning your marketing strategy, you can not miss out on those.

Timely Posting

You don’t have to post every day. But you do have to post at a particular time. So your followers know when to expect you this way.

Try researching the best time your target audience is likely to be online. You can think of it as the optimal time to post. Once you do, you should also be around to engage with your audience afterwards.


Now would be the time to look at your social media platforms and inspect what is and isn’t working. If memes are doing well, you can improve them or do away with them, and so on. If reels seem to catch more attention, you can place more effort into creating them.

Then, you can see the engagement level in relation to sales. If it’s high, you can try making it higher. If not, well, you have to come up with a new content strategy.

Final Thoughts

When you are already running a small business, coming up with a social media strategy on top of everything else can be overwhelming. It is best to hand the task over to a trusted brand, who will return your confidence with results and analysis reports. Hit up GoYou Branding to understand how this works over coffee

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