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How To Get Started On Instagram And Facebook advertisement

Facebook’s 2.91 billion and Instagram’s 2 billion monthly worldwide user base makes both platforms extremely valuable for the growth of small businesses. Canada alone hosts 27.35 million Facebook and 17 million Instagram users. So, how do you make the most out of these booming platforms?

The unapproachable target audience through organic means can be reached via Instagram advertising. Instagram’s affiliation with Meta(owner of Facebook) also allows seamless crafting and running of the ad campaign. If you are unsure how to get started, we’re happy to provide the initial steps. However, as it’s ultimately more complicated than authorizing an ad campaign, you might want to hire a marketing company such as GOYOU Branding to take care of the rest.

Getting Started On Instagram And Facebook Advertisement

Connecting Facebook and Instagram Page

The first issue to address is whether your Instagram and Facebook page is connected. While you can run ads on both platforms individually, you can easily cross-post by joining the accounts.

If you feel an ad is more appropriate for Facebook rather than Instagram, Facebook advertising policies allow you to disable posting on a single platform as and when needed.

To connect both pages:

  • On Instagram, tap on Edit Profile.

  • Select Page located under Public business information.

  • If you have an existing Facebook business page, choose to Connect a current page.

  • If you don’t, select Create Facebook page. Follow the steps listed to create the said page.

  • Select Done, and you are actually done!

Types Of Instagram And Facebook Advertisement

There are primarily three types of Instagram advertisement templates you can follow. These can also be run on Facebook and social media in general:

  • Static ad with a particular image, an USP and a CTA.

  • GIF ad with visually captivating moving images to stop scrolling.

  • Carousel ad with multiple products listed one after the other with accompanying images.

Running Facebook and Instagram Ad

To run a successful ad campaign, you need to head over to Meta Business Suite, which used to be Facebook Business Suite. Scroll down through the options on the left of the page until you find More tools and select them. The first option you see and will choose will be Ads Manager.

It’s pretty simple afterward. The steps go:

  • Click on the green Create button on the left of the page.

  • Read through the objective options and choose the one that matches yours.

  • Name your campaign and click on Continue.

  • Set the daily budget and the target audience under their respective fields.

  • Scroll down to Placements.

  • Select Manual Placements.

  • You can customize exactly where the ads should appear now. For example, maybe the ad is better suited for Instagram and Facebook stories than Facebook Video feeds.

  • Click on Next to create the actual ad.

Design your ad following the instructions laid down by Meta. Once done, you can submit the ad for review. They will check if your ad complies with Facebook’s advertising policy. Once confirmed, your ad will begin running.

This could take days, so you have to practice patience and check the status from time to time.

Final Thoughts

To get a good idea of the kind of advertisements you want to run, take a good look at Instagram advertising examples you encounter while scrolling. If you find yourself stumped on creating an eye-catching ad, you might want to employ a branding company such as GoYou Branding, specializing in those.

Some people also struggle with setting a budget and choosing the purpose of their campaign, all of which can be uncovered by a deep discussion with a branding company determined to help you.


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